Melodic future kit

I love the melodic future kit that came with the beta where there was a mute control for tonal melodies triggered on/off by the snare shoulder or rim tip hit…I can’t for life of me reproduce that for some reason does anyone have that sp file by any chance i really wanted to explore that action more.

Thanks in advance!

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Melodic Future.sp2 (380.7 KB)


Here it is (above). It should also be in the Electro Melodic pack included in the Core Library, in both the Beta and the main software.

That action can work a number of ways. You could just assign a snare rim-shoulder & rim tip velocity controller to the mute button (make sure that assignment’s type is set to toggle).

A bit of a cleaner way would be to put the tones in a sequencer (set to manual and assigned to step 2, with step 1 blank) and then add a toggle macro to the number box, and then add an assignment to that number box (make sure that assignment’s type is set to toggle).

That way it’s essentially a power button (blocking hits before they reach the tones, whereas the mute button will still allow hits to reach the tones module and trigger the sequence, but nothing will sound because it’s muted.

The Melodic Future kit actually is in both a sequencer AND has the same toggle assigned to the mute button. The mute button in this case is really just stifling the tones, as they are turned off - a choke group would probably have been a bit cleaner to accomplish that in this case, but it’s approximately the same effect.


Edit: mentioned that the rim-shoulder and rim-tip velocity assignment type needs to be set to toggle

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thanks Steve i super appreciate the explanation so I can try applying the technique elsewhere!

Yea it was weird when I opened the Melodic Future kits in both programs that mute controller hit wouldn’t work…i even retrained the snare drum to see if that was issue…and in this download its not working either so im assuming there’s an issue w my training perhaps? so weird

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had to really fuck w the snare input velocity to make it musical and fun thank you!

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You’re welcome @ORBKA! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the velocity threshold for button controllers like that is 25% by default (hits detected under that threshold won’t trigger the message). I often change that threshold to ~10%, but I forgot to do that for this one. I’ll make a note to update it. Thanks!

Feel free to update here if you hit any other snags. I glossed over some of the other finer setup details in my reply above, as well - apologies for that. I edited the above reply to mention the important step that the velocity assignment has to have toggle set for its type.

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