Messing around with the HOLOCENE TONE

first let me state I am not a drummer (I’m a guitarist/co-producer) …This vid is one of my experiments while diving deeper into SP 2.0 and recording my live drums at the same time with mics…These vids are def not for sharing publicly as they are clearly me testing out the SP presets

Really simple just have SP beta in standalone mode feeding virtual channels that go into an ableton template where I capture SP + Drum mics.

I have some fun spectral resonator/phaser on the HH panned L and OH panned R just for some vibe with a single mic (eq + distortion) capturing most of the kit (kick/snare) blending with the sensors.

super fun!



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messing around with acid sounds on a melodic kit preset i tweaked post performance on a laptop with headphones…incredible being able to work in post like that…not a drummer please excuse the playing!


coming up with old skool 90’s rave hip hop kits