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Enjoying the new 1.5 upgrade. One feature in particular that is exciting is the ability to trigger pads with a midi input. I hooked up my SPD and followed the directions on the user guide for how to set up an outside controller to switch kits. The SP doesn’t seem to recognize the midi information unless the Sensory App is open and the pad is selected so I was only able to functionally assign one pad at a time. What I’d like to do is assign multiple pads on the SPD to multiple pads in Sensory. Seems like it could be possible using some of the same steps as the set up for switching kits? If this is possible, would you mind leading me through the steps?


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Hi there!

Thanks for discovering this bug! We’ve figured out the problem and will be pushing out an update soon.

Yes, it should work pretty much exactly like assigning a midi controller to the kit manager. To assign midi input to activate pads in Sensory you need to:

  1. Create a MIDI input controller
  2. Select “learn” and play the midi note/pad/knob that you want the controller to respond to - you’ll see the channel and note change.
  3. Drag that controller to the pad you want to activate in Sensory.
  4. Pin the controller to the set (if you want it to always activate that pad regardless of the kit you have selected)

But that’s how it will work after we fix that bug. I’ll let you know here when the update is ready.

Thanks again!

Okay- great, thanks for the reply! Any idea how long this kind of update may take?

Hi Booker, we just posted the update (1.5.1 Beta) to the Sunhouse Downloads Page. Check it out!

Hi there, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like the bug is still on in the new update (1.6.1) Just dowloaded the new version and all my kits using midi inputs to control pads are not working unless the pad is selected.

I use a midi keyboard to trigger samples, so for instance, the “C” (48) is assigned to the edge pad of the drum 3 and trigger a sample, the “D” (50) is assigned to the stickshot pad, etc. And now if I want the sample to be triggered, I need to select the pad, if the pad isn’t selected, the sample doesn’t play. I still see the signal and the pads being “triggered” when I play the midi keyboard, but the sample doesn’t play.

Is it just me, or you guys having the same issue?

Thank you.


This is a bug, though slightly different from the bug first reported in this thread. You’ll notice that this is only an issue if the sampler “blend” button on the sampler header is off. It was brought to our attention last week and we have a fix coming this week for it.


oh nice, thanks, never noticed that “blend” button. Works perfectly now :slight_smile:

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