Midi controller assignments maxed out?

Hey there! So I’ve been mapping a lot of assignments on this particular kit. External midi CC notes coming from ableton, triggering various sampler stop buttons, and fx on/off switches. And recently tried to save my work (twice), but the assignments to the fx on/off switch are not being saved.

Was wondering if there is a maximum amount of assignments? or a bug? I have about 35 total assignments (don’t know if that matters). The latest ones that aren’t saving are thru the midi input controller- ‘note on/off’ - ‘momentary’

Thanks y’all!


This looks like a bug. I was able to recreate it. Seems like there’s an issue with controlling on/off buttons on effects with any type of controllers. This will be fixed in the next minor update.

Thanks for finding and reporting!

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FYI this was fixed in the 1.6.2 update.


Thanks for that update! Although now it’s acting funky… When i have an ableton note triggering SP’s fx power button thru the midi input controller, only the next midi note will trigger it on. For example when 60 (C3) is mapped and assigned correctly, 61 actually triggers it (in momentary) and “toggles”. But in toggle mode the midi note is correct!

Also on another note, I’m getting pretty jumbled up without being able to label the midi inputs or LFOs etc, and the sampler boxes… if that could be done that would be tremendous! Especially because of the going back and forth from ableton and SP, in the restructuring/rewriting etc process. Would also be great if you could move the sampler boxes/controllers in what ever order ya need to to better organize everything. The color coded drums/assignments definitely helps tho!

As always, Thanks for all of your help :slight_smile: