Midi in sp 1.5.3

Hi there,
glad to be here.

Just a quick question. Has anyone been able to successfully get the MIDI IN (triggering from outside) thingy to work? In a previous post I´ve read something update a known bug and the intent of publishing an update (it was a discussion from August).

I can get my BobPad to play single pads with the help of an ext. audio MIDI Input, dragged to a certain pad. But what about the MIDI tag on the right hand side for each drum? I can´t get any pad to play. Secondly I can´t get two different drums (e.g. Tom 2 and Kick) to recognize the BobPad. So I would have to rebuild all the different patches to one pad.

BTW great product. Lots of fun already!


Hi Tom,

For the time being all MIDI IN is done through the “ext./auto” tab in the controllers section. You can create as many of those MIDI controllers as you like, MIDI LEARN to choose what triggers it (be it your bop pad), then drag it to whatever you want it to trigger in the software.

The MIDI Panel on the right side of the screen is only for MIDI OUT. It is for programming what notes each pad in SP will send out over the MIDI Bus. For example, to control a drum rack in Ableton, or to control an external synth or lights, etc.

So at the moment, if you want trigger every pad in SP with an external source, you would need to have 1 Midi Controller in the “ext./auto” tab per pad. We’re looking at ways to make this process easier to manage for a future update.

Hope that helps – let me know if that answered your question!