MiDi Mapping? external control?

Would like to use external control surface for mixer/fader effects control. Is that possible at this level?

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I answered your question via our user support channel (email: support@sunhou.se; or by typing in a chat box on our website), but I figure I can answer here, as well, just in case others have the same question.

Yep! You can use MIDI input to control pretty much any parameter inside Sensory Percussion. You just need to:

1.Select your controller as an input for Sensory Percussion in the I/O panel.
2. Create a MIDI controller and MIDI learn one of the buttons/knobs in the ext.auto section of the controllers panel.
3. Assign that controller to a parameter/s in the software.

Here’s the section of the manual for MIDI input.

To do this inside the Sensory Percussion Ableton plugin is a little bit more complicated, because you have to route the MIDI to a track in Live and then route the track to the Sensory Percussion Plugin, but we will be updating the manual to include those steps soon, and when we do I will post again on this thread.


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