Midi note chain?!?

Hi there,
while I can chain different samples on a trigger zone I cannot find a way to chain different midi notes to one trigger zone. If I choose multiply notes they are send out as a “chord” and not chained … I hope you understand what I try to describe. Is there any way to chain midi notes in sp on a single trigger zone? My plan is to “play” aka trigger an analog synth with sp. Therefore I want to “program” a synth bassline to my kick-sensor …
I hope you can help!
Best wishes
Claus from Bonn/Germany

Hi @Claus,

Unfortunately, you can’t do that with MIDI straight out of SP. But this is pretty straightforward to do with a DAW like Ableton. Do you have access to Ableton? You can use the MIDI effect called “scales” that should do exactly what you need.

Thanks a lot! It works but CPU is rising high… well, that might be a RAM issue anyways…

Hi @Claus, you shouldn’t get CPU spikes with just MIDI. It’s very efficient. You might want to check a few things:

  • Make sure you don’t have a MIDI feedback loop of some kind. That could cause a CPU spike. You want to make sure you don’t have the same MIDI input selected as the output.
  • Make sure your audio settings are the same in SP and Ableton. I’d recommend 128 frame buffer size and 41.1khz sample rate. If your CPU is fast, you can go down to 64 frames.

Hope that helps!!