Missing a few sounds

Hi there!
I have some sounds missing from a few kits, mostly the kits under “Hipnogogia”. there is a “!” next to the sounds thats missing in the sampler. its not that the whole kit is missing, but only a few sounds within the kit.
Any one else have this? I think i first noticed that after updating to 1.3.2
Many thanks!

Hi Shahar,

Here’s what I think might have happened – the Hypnagogia pack might reference samples from other packs that were released as one-offs. If you didn’t get those packs before you got Hypnagogia, then you might have some broken links. We’re working on making these dependencies a little clearer in our pack releases going forward.

In the meantime, I think the best way for you to fill in any gaps would be to reinstall the full Sensory Percussion installer. If you go back to your registration email (subject: “Sensory Percussion Registration”), the download link points to the current version that will have all the packs. Let me know if you can’t find that email and I can help you out.



Thank you Tenoch! It worked out.

Hey Tenoch,

I am having the same problem, but didn’t seem to get the sounds once I did what you mentioned above. I’m missing parts of kits from the Oct. and Dec 2017 new kit additions (specifically galactic brine and hypnagogia), but I have some of them. I’ve tried to install the new kits on their own as well and when I try and do that an error page pops up that says

“This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

Not sure what to do at the moment.

Same problem here, downloaded the 1.3.2 Windows version from the start page and I’m missing sounds.

Hi All,

Sorry for the confusion with the packs. Here’s what’s happening. Some kits use sounds from other packs. And rather than ship broken kits, we include all the necessary samples in every sound pack installer. So sometimes you might see just a few samples in a folder if a pack is borrowing samples from another pack.

We just launched a brand-new downloads page where you can see all the latest software installers, and also all the packs and their installers as well. Unfortunately, we can’t make a single giant installer that includes everything, so for now, you have to install each pack one-by-one.

You can find the new page at http://downloads.sunhou.se. This is also now in the “support” drop-down menu on our website.

Let me know how this works out for you.



that seemed to do the trick! Downloading and re-installing every new kit was super helpful. Thanks for dealing will all of these questions.

all the best