Mounting V2 Sensors on edrums with rubber rims

Most edrums have a removable rubber rim/hoop cover, that is designed to dampen the stick sound, when striking the stick on the rim/ hoop. My Roland edrum pads all have these rubber rim/ hoop covers.


  1. Can the V2 sensor be mounted to a conventional edrum hoop/rim, that has these rubber rim covers, or will the rubber rim material interfere with the clamping of the sensor to the rim?

  2. Assuming the sensor can be mounted to the rubber rim, will this rubber material interfere with the accurate performance of the sensor, especially the rim shot or side stick sensing?

@Dude1 hmm, for the most part, SPv2 cannot be mounted on rubber rims. The sensor is designed to work with standard metal rims or wooden hoops. There are sometimes other reasons the sensors don’t fit on epads – like there isn’t enough clearance on the side. But I have seen users actually cut away parts of the rubber to make room for the sensor – but that assumes that the metal rim under the hoop is a standard rim.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the response. If I cut away part of the rubber cover, in order to mount the V2 sensor, but leave the rest of the rubber rim cover, will having the rubber cover on the rim affect the sensors ability to detect rim shots accurately?

This is going to be a common issue for a lot of drummers, as nearly all mesh head edrums have a rubber rim cover.

The cover could be removed entirely, but this will cause the rim stick strike to be much louder, which can be a real issue for people living in apartments, etc. I would expect this is an issue you’ve encountered at some point.

That shouldn’t be a problem as long as the rubber it’s too crazy thick. Many of our users use rubber on their rims to dampen the sound. It will affect the balance between the volume output of the head and shell. But should be manageable.

Here are a few examples from a quick scroll on our instagram (though, none of these are e-drums!):

I faced the same issue with my TD50X. I cut the rubber rims just enough to fit the sensor and left the remaining rims in place. Triggering seems fine.

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I did this a while back. I was able to mount the V2 sensors directly over the rubber rims on my TD-50X with zero triggering issues. It does sit a little funny, and it pinched an indent point into the rubber but otherwise it works great.

As to your question of cutting it: I have several acoustic drums with mesh heads I use sometimes, I simply bought some rubber fuel line hose, split it with a razor knife, and wrapped it around about 2/3 of each rim facing me. Works like a dream. I even put a little bit on the rim of my kick drum to protect it for all those cool SP rim effects