Multi-Zone Mapping Template - drag and drop modules into the zones to map a small drum kit to your single sensory drum

Multi-Zone Mapping Template.sp2 (6.9 KB)

This is my favorite kind of multi-zone drum pad mapping. I typically put a kick sound on the Center/Edge zone, a snare sound on the Rim, and a clap or tom on the Rimshot, and a clap on the Stickshot.

There’s some automatic pitching fun on the Rimshot and Stickshot zone groups.

And then, importantly, all of those zones are velocity thresholded, which allows for a low velocity group to be mapped across the entire drum. I usually map a hi-hat sound (or rim, or other high, staccato sound to that group). I often also pitch that sampler on Center-to-Edge, but sometimes I don’t, so I left that parameter unmapped in the template above.

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Hi there, firstly thanks for this work… prob a noob question but when I save this as a template and drag into a project (with samplers loaded) I cannot can get the mapping to trigger (apart from manually pressing the play button on the modules) and I can’t figure out why. I have the zones assigned and when I trigger them I can see the play button light up, up to the point of the mother multi-zone template but then for some reason the trigger isn’t going on to the separate samplers…

Hi @JSor ,

Not a noob question at all. I will test the template again to see if there’s anything wrong with it. One thing that is coming to mind as a possibility is that it could be the velocity threshold is set too high for your playing style:

If you drag the threshold to the left does it start working?

Hi Steven, Ah brilliant yes the velocity threshold was the answer! Thank you :))