Mute with keyboard input


I’m trying to set an external controller to mute each of the drums/channels by pressing the keys 1-4. Everything works fine until I’m pressing the key to set mute Off. Nothing happens - the mute just stays On. In order to set the mute Off I have to use trackpad and click on the red mute button to do so. The type is set to toggle. With type set to momentary everything works fine, but it would mean having the keys pressed down all the time…

This is only happening with drums/channels and sends and not the master channel. I was using a Novation Launchpad mini to do this earlier, but now I can’t get it to work either. The same problem occurs.

I’m using version 1.3.2.



Thanks for finding this.

Yes, I was able to recreate this on my setup. It’s definitely a bug, so we will fix it in an update, and I will let you know here when the update is ready.

Thanks for you patience. In the mean time (if you need this functionality immediately) you can drag a button controller (set to toggle) to the volume slider. While not as pretty as toggling the mute button, it accomplishes the same thing.