New Beta 1.5.1 - big library improvements!

Hi Everyone,

We have a shiny new beta for you to try out – and this one comes with even more new features and improvements than the last one, with big improvements to the Library.

Please try to it out and let us know what you think. You can send an email to with any feedback, bugs you find, or questions.

If for any reason you run into issues with it and need to downgrade, just download the “1.4.2 updater” from the downloads page and run it.

How to get the beta?

Grab it now on the Sunhouse Downloads page.

Warning: please retrain your drums from new models after installing this version

New in v-1.5.1_beta

  • added search and sort options for library navigation
  • added the ability to create user folder bookmarks for user sets/samples navigation
  • added an input active button to the sampler
  • added a “play” button to the sampler
  • fixed default behaviors when dropping controllers on buttons
  • we also fixed many, many bugs

Introduced previously in v1.5.0

  • Added ability to assign controllers to pads. You can now trigger pads with midi or keyboard input!
  • Added quick access to pad click volume on top bar of app
  • Added number box and keyboard input capability to controller assignment parameters
  • Added sample library audition volume adjustment to app settings window
  • Added new features to the sampler: sample loop and reverse, a stop button, and now all buttons in the samplers are controllable
  • Added a stop button to the master channel. It will choke all sound output (and it’s assignable)
  • Made improvements to core timbre analysis algorithm
  • Fixed some memory leaks and stability issues
  • Fixed issues around authenticating the sensor and auto-normalization logic