New downloads page + 1.4 BETA

Hey All,

A couple new things to announce here. We’re launching a new Downloads page where you can get all the latest software links (and soon all the latest packs). And with this new page, we’re releasing a BETA of Sensory Percussion 1.4 for Mac and Windows. Please check it out and let us know what you think!! You can access it at:

Here are some highlights of what’s in 1.4

  • kit switching is now much faster (like from 10 seconds to .5 seconds for big kits)
  • added a kit loading indicator meter
  • increased number of kits from 20 to 99
  • new waveform drawing shows stereo/mono
  • added “paste midi only” to kit right-click dropdown options. This is great if you are controlling an external synth or something and want to replicate that setup across kits without affects your samplers.

If you have any issues with the BETA, please send an email to