New kits designed for more than 3 sensors

I’m set up with 5 sensors (rack and 2 fl toms). I’ve kluged together some acoustic kits since I’m using cymbals and overheads. But I’d love to get some out of the box acoustic kits with more toms. Anything in the works yet?

Noted! We’ve definitely got some cool acoustic kits on the way with a variety of different tom configurations. There are also plenty of sets currently in the library that are designed to be played with more than 3 sensors. Here’s a quick list of kits made for 5+ sensors just from the “Acoustic Drums” soundpack:

Damped Bebop + Congas - 6 drums (4 toms)
sol seco - 5 drums (2 snares)
Keine Zukuft (lite) - 5 drums (2 snares)
Bebop Kit - 5 drums (3 toms)

You can tell how many sensors/drums the kit was designed for by looking at the number of virtual inputs that set has. But the great thing about v2 is that these inputs are flexible, so you can always change a snare input to a tom input, for example, to match your physical setup, without having to copy/paste any modules.

Also, if you’re using 5 sensors, you can always start with a set made for 4 drums, and then drag/drop any layer from any set in the library and assign that layer to your 5th drum using an input filter.