New MacBooks with Apple M1 chip

Hi Sunhouse team,

have you had a chance to test the Sensory software on the recently released MacBooks with the Apple M1 chip? If yes, what’s your experience?

Many thanks!

hi @pavol.dzavan, Apple had a dev kit for their chip but we weren’t able to get our hands on it. But we’re looking to get a mini this fall and will start testing.

However, it will take some time to fully optimize Sensory Percussion for the M1. We will have to change some pretty deep things to take advantage of what the chip has to offer. But it’s on our radar! Hopefully Apple is right that the computer will still be fast on unoptimized apps.

Regarding Big Sur and new OSes, I’d always recommend waiting a bit before updating. We tested with an earlier beta and didn’t find any issues, but we’re updating today and will have an official announcement soon on support.