New to Sunhouse. Help me with some basic questions please?

Hi All!
Im new to sensory percussion and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before! Im hoping to dive in by buying a couple sensors (v1) on the used market. This would get me some software to start learning. Im wondering if anyone can chime in on the limitations vs v2 (evans). Is the software the same between the two? Will I have access to the same tools in that regard and then can upgrade to the v2 sensors.

hi @jaymerica

Tenoch here from Sunhouse. Glad to hear you found SP!

The software is very different between v1 and v2 – we started from scratch rethinking the way everything is structured to make it more flexible, powerful, intuitive.

Hard to go into the full detail of everything that’s changed, but the highlights are:

  • Flexible number of inputs + analog inputs in v2 (v1 is hardcoded to 4 inputs)
  • V2 has a new modular structure for creating kits. You can do cool things like put sequencers in sequencers (not possible in v1)
  • Effects can be attached at any level in v2. Any module or send at any level. In v1 effects are per pad or per channel.
  • V2 has Macros that let you program knobs, buttons and sliders for quick tweaks on the Play View.
  • And many other changes!

There are a few things in v1 that aren’t present in v2. The biggest one is that there’s no Streamer or Ableton Plugin yet. The Ableton Plugin is in development and will be coming soonish.

Hope that helps!

Very Helpful!
And is there anyway to use v2 without Evans interface? To get access to the v2 improvements but use the existing interface I have?

At the moment the V2 software is only available with the Evans bundle with the new hardware. We’re planning on offering a software-only upgrade, but probably not till later this year. Those plans aren’t set yet.

Thanks for the info! Just so I understand, the software only upgrade would allow older sensors (not dependent on new interface) to be used with v2 software. Correct?

If you’re buying used Sensors, try to make sure that they have the software and are willing to transfer the license to you.