No audible sound from Line-In input

Hi, first 24 hours with SP. I’m up and running, and having a great time.

I’ve not been able to successfully add another device - tried several external devices on different line-ins, even a mic. Tried different cables as well. All the same result. (I’m currently attempting to use Roland’s SPD-SX Pro.) I can see via the L/R meters that sound is coming into the portal and being recognized. Unlike the sensor inputs, however, I cannot hear anything in the outputs (headphones). I have read the manual and searched the forum.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much!

i’m not at all assuming you missed what i missed - but when i had this issue (in my first 48 hrs on sp, which started two days ago) somehow the volume sliders on the audio insert were all the way down. whether i did this or it is some safeguard to blowing off your ears with feedback i don’t know. if the former, no help to you, but if the latter, maybe useful? good luck!

SOLVED…? Yes, I have the slider up to nearly the max. So it looks like I have to drag the audio insert into each and every set for which I want to use it? This works, but I would have expected the external device to work for all sets once it’s connected and configured. Thanks!