No more Updates for V1?

Trying to add the new packs and see they are only for V2.
Not the most important packs to have in my case, but is V1 obsolete for updates and new packs in SP and Evans eyes?

hi @eliaspittman, these new packs are built only for Sensory Percussion 2. The preset structure (and features available) between v1 and v2 is quite different.

We released 24 free packs for v1 – gigs and gigs of free stuff which are all still available. So we’re not likely to add much more to that in the near term. At the moment, we’re focused on building up the pack library for v2 to catch up to where v1 is. We’re just getting started on that process.

We are continuing to support v1 with OS updates and bug fixes, so the software is by no means obsolete. There are still many v1 users, all of whom are important to us! But our creative focus has definitely moved to v2, which is a complete rethinking of Sensory Percussion that we’ve been working on for years. It’s an exciting new platform for us to build lots of cool stuff.

But we’re not ruling out the possibility of releasing some new presets for v1 – I’ll talk to the sounds team and see what we can do!


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Glad to hear it! I can live without the presets, but was mostly worried about software updates.
I’m sure I’ll be getting V2 eventually, but had a small case of FOMO if V1 users were to be left behind.

Thanks for the response. Ya’ll keep up the hard work, still very much love the product and company.
And best wishes for the coming year and beyond.

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