No sound in Ableton v2

hi! i’m having problems getting sound from ableton, i’m uploading screenshots of my settings.
it worked perfectly with the beta version, but it’s not working with the non-beta version.
sound works with music, web browser, etc (using the evans interface) but nothing in ableton.
Thanks in advance for your help!

forgot to add that midi is not going through either,
i can click on the zones on the different channels, and see how it’s recognized and making sound, but it’s no sound is coming out of the speakers

tried again, now with the beta version.
sound is coming out, but midi still not going through…

Hi Alex,

From your screenshots, it looks like everything is routed correctly and you have audio sending out of the master track in Ableton. How are you monitoring Ableton’s output? If you’re using the headphone outs on the Portal, you’ll want to switch the output channels on the master track from “1/2” to “3/4”. The first two output channels on the EVANS Portal are the main outs on the back of the unit. The headphones outs are channels 3/4.

For the MIDI issue you’re having, can you try changing the output device on your midi hardware output from “default” to “plug-in midi”? Then you should see MIDI signal coming into the last track in the template named “Sensory Percussion 2 MIDI Out”. I’ve attached a screen recording of what it should look like.

Hopefully that helps!

thanks for replying,
unfortunately the problem persists.
midi from sensors is received in ableton, but in aweird way (midi % is oscilating between 22 and 25 all the time) but not being received in the evans portal within ableton though
audio is still mute with this configuration.
i have to mention that everything works just fine in the standalone portal.

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have you tried holding down Command while clicking “armed” on the midi and audio channels? Only seeing one track armed in your set up…would be helpful to see your inputs for the sensors.

i did a screen recording with to show what i have here.
on sensor one, you can see when i’m hitting the drum, and how it goes through in the sensor channel, but it’s not going through the evans portal.
also you can see the master channel 1/2 is showing activity, receiving it from the sensor, when clicking on a sample or clicking on the drum zones in the portal.
i’m using the heaphones output to send it to two genelecs (i don’t xlr/canon cables to try the main outs behind the interface) and the sound goes out when i use other apps in the computer

Hi @axelino,

I’ve spotted the issue. Your sensor channels are not getting routed to the plugin properly. They need to be routed to Bus A-L, Bus A-R, Bus B-L, Bus B-R, etc, and not Sends Only.

*Note, in the screenshot above, my sensor channels are not armed and they have “greyed out” elements, because I do not have my Portal plugged in right now. The channels should be armed, and the number’s 5 and 6 and some other elements should not be greyed out.

The most likely reason your template channels are not routed correctly is because the Sensory Percussion plugin got deleted at some point, and then re-added back to the same track. Deleting the plugin will cause the routing to disappear, and it won’t reappear even after adding the plugin back to the same channel.

So the quickest fix would be to redownload the template by clicking here, and then go from there.


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hi Stevenz, thanks for your reply.
tried that, and problem persists…
it seems there are two separate problems? in one hand the midi signals from the sensors are not being received by the evans portal (this works normally in the standalone version) and in the other hand, no sound is coming out from the speakers, either when hitting a drum (fader shows activity in the ableton sensor track) when clicking on a drum zone in the evans portal, or clicking on any sample from ableton.

Hi again, @axelino

Sorry to hear it’s still not working.

I think it would be helpful to see another screen recording of the sensors – just like your video above, which is super helpful – but this time with the correct routing as described in my previous comment.

Being able to see the sensor input channels (labeled sensor 1, sensor 2, in the template), and then also the hardware inputs in the plugin with the corresponding Bus A-L, Bus A-R, etc, will 100% rule out that this is a routing issue.

One other thing I’m noticing in your screen recording is that sensor 1 is set to Off when it should be set to either Auto or In.

CleanShot 2024-06-02 at 23.09.44@2x

I prefer Auto, which is how it is by default in the template, but In will work when you’re tracking. Could that be the cause of the first issue?

I’m not sure I understand the second issue. Have you tried what @Patrick mentioned above? If you are monitoring out of the “Main Outs” of the Evans Portal, then Ableton’s Master out should be 1/2. If you’re monitoring out of the headphone outputs, then Ableton’s Master outputs should be 3/4.


it’s working now!
thanks Stevenz, ORBKA and Patrick for your help :pray:t4:


Glad you got it working! I just wanted to quickly clear up any terminology confusion: the EVANS Portal refers to the physical audio interface that comes with the bundle. The term “Portal” will always refer to hardware, and the software that holds your sounds will either be the standalone Sensory Percussion 2 app, or in this case, it’s the Sensory Percussion 2 plugin. Hope that helps!

thanks for the clarification Patrick :slight_smile: