No sound SP2 when Ableton opened

hi there,

I want to use Ableton to play midi with my Nord Drum 3P without playing SP trough Ableton. But as soon as I open Ableton, there is no sound from the SP standalone app anymore… What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Berno,

Can you write an email to (or start a chat with us on our website) and include what operating system you are using? And it also would be helpful for us to see a video of the issue: showing the sound happening, and then stopping when you open Ableton.

We can update this thread here with a comment once we determine the cause/solution to the issue, but for the most quickest, most effective support for issues like these emailing is the way to go.


Guess what happened? I updated Ableton and the problem was solved! This might sound silly, but the problem had been there for a long time, and that update just happened to come out today…