Noise when playing

Mac OS 11.6
Presonus Quantum 2626
Brand new XLR and Thunderbolt cables

I’m experiencing this horrible noise on output that I can’t seem to figure out. It’s not just in the DAW, even when just playing live through the SP app I hear it. It seems to be worse on my floor tom and rack tom for some reason.

I recorded a short clip.

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Hey, that does sound annoying. What kind of computer are you running? When you are playing, do you notice the CPU spiking in Sensory?

Wow thanks for the fast reply!

In Activity Monitor, SP spiked from 56% to 130% when I start playing.

I see what you meant. Yeah in SP the CPU will go as high as 80%, average around 60%. Playing around with buffer size, the issue gets significantly worse when decreasing. (64 is basically harsh noise)

I just tried clearing all my training, figured maybe I had too many hits. Even when I have only the snare partially trained, I still have this issue.

Hi @sevenicecubes sorry for just getting back to you!

It will probably be easier if we move this over to the support channel. Can you generate a Diagnostic Report (make sure you are playing the drum that causes issues while it’s generating) and send it to

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure you have Automatic Graphics Switching turned off on your computer. It can definitely cause issues. Set graphics performance on MacBook Pro - Apple Support


Ok I sent an email, thanks