Noob Question re drum libraries

Sorry if this an obvious question but despite google searches can’t seem to find an answer…Which I am concerned might just be the answer in itself…but here goes:

Just learned of Sunsory Percussion yesterday, and on the surface, it seems to be the ideal solution to drum samples without sacrificing nuanced playing. The drummer in my band uses piezo sensors to trigger Superior drummer samples and it works fine…to a point. That point being dynamics and nuanced playing. We play mostly classic rock, but nearly every demo video seems to be a hip hop/electronic genre example.

Is the software only compatible with its own samples…or can it be used to trigger superior drummer with the same dynamics as demo’d in the videos online? Is there any demo available that show this controlling any of the popular drum libraries (superior, Slate, etc…)?

Brilliant solution to an existing problem…hats off to the developer.

Thanks in advance

Hi there and thanks for the question.

Sensory Percussion comes with a pretty wide range of samples - from hip hop and electronic sounds to found and environmental sounds to acoustic drums.

That being said, you can use your own samples - any wav, aif, vog-orbis or flac file - by just dragging and dropping them onto the zones either from our library navigator or from finder/explorer.

You can also output midi to anywhere you want. So, one thing you can do is open up your favorite drum sampler, either in standalone mode if available or inside a DAW like Ableton, and route the midi to trigger the various zones in the sampler. You can use CC output to send all the in-between and nuanced control that you hear in our presets and map those to effects in the external drum sampler.