Octaver Ideas - Drag and Drop Modules Into These to Octave Them

octaver-ideas.sp2 (45.3 KB)

A few ideas for octavers. Download the .sp2 above for drag & drop octaving of various varieties:

For octave pedal and octave up/down, just drag and drop modules into the octavers and make assignments on the trigger macros to transpose.

For Center to Edge Octaver, play from center to edge on a snare or tom to hear your submodules jump three octaves. For Velocity Octaver, play loud to soft, and for Buzz Roll Octaver, play buzz rolls.

Randomized octaver: there's a ghost in the machine, is a randomized octaver with a randomized range (see example video) below.

Edit: Re-uploaded the .sp2 which now includes three new octaver types, added a short description of them.

Edit 3/24/24: Re-uploaded the .sp2 which now includes randomized octaver: there's a ghost in the machine, updated description and added an example video.


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Nice, @Mason!

Looking forward to seeing what you post! :slight_smile:

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How do I use these sp2 files?

Nevermind that, for some reason I was envisioning I could drag and drop some of these building block ideas into other projects. I realize now I will have to open them as individuals

Hi @Benny,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

You can certainly drag and drop these into other projects (see attached video). You just need to bookmark the folder where you’ve saved them and drag and drop them into your edit page.

Once there are some more building blocks posted on this forum, I’m planning on creating a .sp2 with them organized for even easier drag & drop-ability.

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