One Set Will Not Load

Hi all,

When I opened SP (1.8.3) to work this evening, my most recent set didn’t load. I’ve tried opening it from the opening menu, from the file dropdown in the software, and from the finder on my Macbook. If the software is already open and on a different kit, it will remain on that kit after I attempt to open this file, and when I try open the software by clicking on this set’s icon on my hard drive, SP opens to a blank and unnamed set. I worked on this set most recently last night and everything worked fine. Every other set seems to open with all of its data intact. Any sense of what’s going, or if there’s any way to recover my work?

I doubt this is responsible, but FWIW last night I used this set to send MIDI to Abelton for the first time.

Edit: Also potentially relevant, I believe I did a Collect All and Save the last time I worked on this set.

Thank you for your help