Output matrix settings (when recording to the external device)


I wonder what is the most optimal output matrix settings when recording with the external device such as digital mixer.

I have two sensors and want to record exactly what comes out from the Sensory app. Should I set Master L and Master R as output in my audio card which goes to the mix or just Drum 1 and Drum 2? Still cannot decide what is the best way in case I want to adjust the sound in the post-production.

Thank you!


Hi micwie,

Sorry for the late reply!

For your case it sounds like you would indeed want to set Master L and Master R as the output - if you were to set Drum 1 and Drum 2 (both the left and right channels for each) you would be bypassing any effects that you had on the Master Channel (as well as any effects you had on the Send Channels if you were sending audio from the Drum Channels to the Send Channels).

Hope this was helpful!