Pearl Compact Traveler

Has anyone tried attaching a Sensory Percussion sensor to a Pearl Compact Traveler bass drum? I looks like it would work, but it’s hard to see from the images if there’s enough rim. Thanks in advance.

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Hi! I’ve never seen that done before, and it looks like the bottom part of the rim of Pearl Compact Traveller would probably block the back of the sensor and/or the XLR output - but it’s hard for me to tell for sure just by watching videos of the Compact Traveller. It looks like there is enough rim for the sensor to grab onto on those kits, but - without physically modding the bottom rim of the Compact Traveller - I don’t think it would work.

Does anyone know if I’m wrong, though?

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Looking into this very question myself. Interested in the duo SP kit to use with the Pearl Compact Traveler with mesh drum heads. After searching online, Pearl does not seem provide the complete measurements of the shells via their website or anywhere else that I’m finding. Maybe a customer service email to Pearl is in order…