Pickup Element on EMAD head


I have a question regarding attaching the V2 Sensor and pickup element on a kick with a EMAD drum head. If i use the pickup element measuring V then the element itself will end up sitting on the raised part of the EMAD head. Leaving the element sitting ca 5mm from the actual drumhead.
I guess this will work but is this the way to do it?
And do we know the recommended distance between the element and the sensor?
For example, a preferred distance would be 1mm - 6mm.

Thank you in advance!

Looks like there’s a specific adaptor for using it with an EMAD head?

Yes but this only seems to make it a better fit on the hoop.
But the positioning of the Sensor above the head remains the same.

I would also like add the question: How exact does the pickup element need to match the sensor?
One would guess that the light under the Sensor would be for alignment but the element ends up at least 1 cm out from light. So maybe the area, in which the sensor connects to the pickup element, is pretty big?

I put the element on the raised plastic on the EMAD head and it works ok. Need to adjust some sensitivity after calibration but otherwise, it works fine.
But I guess you get a more accurate calibration with a normal drum head.
Does anyone have an input on this?

Hi @Marten_Hillbom

Yes, that right. You’ll still want to rest the pickup element against the hoop during placement, so it will end up being on the raised part of the EMAD head. You might get a bit less sensitivity, but usually that’s okay with kicks compared to, say toms and snares. You can adjust the velocity input curve on the training page for the kick if you need to adjust the responsiveness.

Let me know if you have any other questions!