Popping with Ableton open

Whenever I have both Sensory Percussion open as well as Ableton Live 9 open, I get this really annoying popping/distortion sound whenever audio is created from any source on my computer.
I have a feeling it may have something to do with my Scarlett 2i2, but that would just be disappointing, so I’m hoping it isn’t that.
This might be an issue regarding other audio software that I’m just not aware of or it could just be an SP issue, I really don’t know.

Double check your sampling rate in the interface and both SP and Ableton. I found that if they’re not all the same, especially between SP and Ableton, you can get some popping sounds.

Just checked them and they’re all the same. Same with buffer size. They’re all set to 44100 and 64 samples. I even tried changing them all and the issue was still happening.

Hey all,

We recently made a blog post that might help with this issue. Let us know if you find a solution to the problem within that article, and as always you can start a chat with us on our website or email support@sunhou.se. Those are the best ways to get help quickly.

Hi! I’m actually trying to use midi controlling in Ableton, not just audio. I’ve tried adjusting buffer size and sample rate, which slightly helped, but the popping/clicking/distorting is still there.
PS Sorry for the delayed reply. :slight_smile: