Presonus Quantum ? Or stick to the clarett?

Looking at picking up an interface dedicated for SP use and not something I bought for another application that is either giant or too small, lol.

Anyone tried out of the presonus quantum series? Could be dope, right form factor, blazing low latency apparently. I haven’t met / seen anyone using one. Is it worth a potential 2 ms advantage over the clarett, which the SP community knows and loves??

Totally splitting hairs in the latency game :joy:, just curious if anyone’s rocking the Quantum and/or could point out potential hazards.

Is this Mason Self from youtube? I also thought the quantum would be the best fit for SP. The community does not seem to be very developed. Hard to get responses I think.

I don’t have any experience with the Quantum. I originally had a Profire 2626 and changed over to the Scarlett 18i20.
Both were solid interfaces but I definitely still struggle with barely perceptible latency where if I’m playing to a click, I’m asking myself “Am I always this bad of a drummer?”
If you end up finding something you like, please post it because I’d love to check it out. My only fear of a thunderbolt-based interface would be experiencing what happened to me with the Profire (which was firewire-based). It worked perfectly until M-Audio decided not to support drivers for High Sierra. One quick OS upgrade and my interface was essentially bricked. I know thunderbolt’s been around for a while but it would suck for that to happen again.