Putting the sound from sunhouse on/off while playing


I just started experimenting with Sunhouse
Does anyone have any tips for putting the sounds from sunhouse on/off while playing?
I only want it on in the chorus of one song.
Should I use a midi controller, and if so, does anyone have any recommendations?



Hi @Cis_De_Gendt,

I think what you want to do is is assign something to toggle the Mute button on the master channel.

I would recommend either using a midi controller – a pad or foot switch would be a good option – or if your laptop is within reach, you could do something like assign the spacebar to control it.

Here’s how to do that: share.getcloudapp.com/9ZuYE1lJ

Note that if you want the controller to work across kits for the whole set, you need to pin it.

Thank you very much!!!