Question regarding Cocktail Jam setup and bearing edges

Hello all,
I just receive my Sensory Percussion 2. I still need to get some drums :slight_smile:
I was thinking about a cocktail jam kind of setup. I want to put two drums on the same floor tom legs, the top will be a floor tom and the bottom one will be the kick drum. I was just wondering having them on the same legs would cause any problems with the sensors. Would the sensors on the same stand receive vibrations from the other end? I was wondering if anyone had tried it before.

The second question is regarding bearing edges. Does anyone know if not having any bearing edge on the drum would cause any problems. Bearing edges increase vibrations I think. I was wondering if it would be significant enough to effect the sensors. I am thinking about cutting a floor tom into three small pancake drums, that is why I am asking.

Thank you in advance.