Recording Audio to Ableton


I have the following problem:

I have 3 sensors and they are connected to my motu traveller mk3. When I record audio in Ableton coming through out of one channel, I don’t get the sounds recorded in ableton coming from the Sensory Percussion software. I get some strange sounds :-/

I already read the description in the how to section: But somehow this is not working.

Does anyone have the same problem and solved it?


we just figured out a solution!

we sent the master out from sensory percussion with an audio cable through the audio interface out into another input channel. Then you just turn this channel on as an ext. input in ableton. there you go, you have every audio sound from sensory percussion sent to ableton.

If you are on a Mac this would be a solution as well:
How to route audio internallly on your mac with soundflower - using Ableton​ Live and Sensory Percussion from Sunhouse​ -