Recording SP into Reaper 64

I’m trying to output the latest version of SP into the latest version of Reaper 64 to record audio and am not having any luck yet. Is there a tutorial on the way?


Never mind. I figured it out using Soundflower.

Hi Ben!

You can actually use the Audio Streamer Plugin to route and record with the latest version of Sensory Percussion. You can download that here. It will has a much better latency response than Soundflower.

I’m not too familiar with Reaper, so my steps for setting up the Audio Streamer may not be the best, but I did get it working. If you figure out a more efficient way to do it, feel free to share! Also we have guides and templates for setting it up using Ableton or Logic here.

For Reaper: first right click on the left panel in the main window and select Insert Virtual Instrument on New Track. Then select either the AUi or VSTi version of Sunhouse: Sensory Percussion Audio Streamer. When the Build Routing Confirmation pop-up window appears select Yes.

Arm each of the Sensory Percussion channels in the Audio Streamer Plugin’s UI by clicking the white dots above the channels to turn them red. And then arm the corresponding audio tracks in Reaper.

You should be good to go then!

hey stevenz, I did all the steps you mentioned above, but I’m stocked when I arm my tracks in Reaper. I don’t know which inputs assign to the tracks: It’s either my laptop built-in inputs or the midi ones, and none of them record the audio. I see the audio signal responding in the tracks when I play in SP, but when I try to record, nothing actually rec. Is there something i’m missing?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It appears I forgot a critical step when initially posting. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

After you have armed the audio tracks in Reaper, you must select the button labelled “IN” underneath the track title and then select “Record:output -> Record:output (stereo)” for each of the tracks that you want to record.

That should do it.

Perfect it’s working, thank you very much!

is it possible to record midi notes from sensory percussion?
also, can I use my drums like a midi instrument to control VST instrument plugins (samples/ parameters)-- if so, how would I set that up on reaper. sorry–I’m not very good with reaper, but it’s nice and freee