Recording through Ableton Live 10 Lite


I am in need of some recording tech help. I just finished my first composition for sensory percussion, which I made through Ableton Live 10 Lite, and I am planning on recording it soon. I have the Audio Streamer for sensory percussion within Ableton and I am able to hear the sounds coming from the sensory mic and through my laptop (with a little bit of latency), however, I cant seem to figure what settings I need within Ableton in order to record.

What I have in Ableton is a MIDI track for the audio streamer and 1 audio track for my 1 sensor. Under the MIDI tab is as follows, All ins- All channels- Monitor off (I am using a headset for my audio, but I can also hear audio come through my laptop)- Audio to master- and the 1 is selected. Under the audio track, I have “1-sensory percussion”- Drum 1- Monitor off- Exit out- 1/2- the 2 is selected- and I also have the circle at the very bottom selected.

I have tried to change different settings but I am also fairly new to Ableton so I’m really trying to not mess too many things up. I know that this is a lot but if someone is able to help with this in any way, then I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi R_Ward,

Congrats on finishing your first composition with Sensory!

Have you tried using the Ableton Live Audio Streamer Template?

You might even find that running Sensory Percussion as an Ableton Plugin is better for this project. Here’s the template for that, too.


What would the sensory percussion plugin be used for in Ableton? Sorry I’m not too familiar with some of the terminology in the templates so if your able to explain it in a simpler way then that would be great

Yes, no problem.

The Sensory Percussion Ableton plugin has all the features of the standalone version of Sensory Percussion, but it opens as a plugin inside Ableton, and it’s easier to record, especially if you use the template since all of the routing is done for you.

Ok great thank you! And I have multiple patches/tracks from Ableton that are separated into different samplers within 1 zone, so would I need more than 1 track within Ableton for that to work? Or would 1 be enough?