Recording video and audio to iOS devices


I’m using a Behringer UMC404HD as my interface. I can’t quite sort how to record video with the corresponding audio from my interface.

The obvious solution would be to use a camera converter kit dongle for Apple devices, but my usb output is already tied up by driving the software. The only playback outputs are the main stereo outs, send/return, and headphones.


Hi Invisible,

At Sunhouse HQ we do this two ways:

  1. Usually, we use the SP Audio Streamer to record multitrack audio into a DAW like Ableton. Then after a quick mix, we sync it with whatever video we shot in something like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

  2. If we want to record video and capture the audio all in one go, we usually use the Roland Go:Mixer, which is a very nice little mixer for mobile phones. You can enter a line in (and a mic if you need room sound) and plug it into your iphone or android phone with Lightning or Micro USB. It works pretty well and is the only reliable way we’ve found to get audio into the iphone directly. With the older iphones (6 and earlier) we could plug a line-in cable directly… those were the days.

Hope that helps – let me know if you have any questions about any of the above.



If u have 4 sensors do you plug the interface your already using into the keyboard section of the the Roland mixer from the line out on the interface ?

Hi @Jason_Lomas sorry for the slow reply!

You could use an aux cable from the headphone out on your interface (if you have an extra) to the “line in” on the Roland:go mixer. That’s a stereo 1/8" input.

If you don’t have an extra headphone out on your interface, I think you can also use two mono 1/4" cables from the master outs on your interface into the L/MONO R inputs on the Roland.

I hope that helps!