Reducing Latency through SP?

Hi all,

I know this sort of topic has been covered but only in regards to passing SP through something like ableton.

My question…is there a way to reduce latency through SP alone? Right now when I try to play snaps/claps on a back beat, it’s constantly late (using this scenario as an example). I would like to be able to trigger backbeat oriented sounds without having to place my backbeat way earlier (say a 16th or triplet partial) before the backbeat in a live performance. I understand there will be some latency, but right now it seems a little overboard and is making me think too hard. Hope this makes sense!

My gear:
Mac Laptop
16 gigs of RAM
Scarlet Focusrite

Hi Larry,

Right now the only way (and best way) to reduce latency is to move to a lower buffer size. Just know that the lower the buffer size, the harder your computer will have to work. So it helps if you have a multi-core mac. What buffer size are you on? Also, how are you monitoring SP? Are you running it through anything else?



Thank you! I just figured out how to change buffer size, switched it to the lowest setting. My mac is a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, not sure if that’s what you’re referring to as “multicore.” I have it set up going through the Scarlett Focusrite, so I’ll either plug in some earbuds to listen back, or plug the interface into a PA during rehearsals and eventually shows.

Hi @larryshaw57,

Your computer should be fast enough to run at 128 frames. That’s a good setting that should offer a good balance of latency and CPU load. If you go smaller to 64 frames, you might start to get clicks and pops.

You can make this change in the Audio IO settings panel (it’s the faders button on the top left).

Please let me know how it goes and if you notice a difference!