Rename and save "New Set"

I have created New Custom sets with samples. I saved the session so the kits are there but I want to rename and group the different sets but I don’t have an option to rename or save the set individually. I see documentation about saving drum kits in V1 but not v2. Am I missing something?

Hi @dubwarr,

To rename an individual set, simply double-click its name in the set manager bar. Its name will be highlighted and you can delete the name and add a new one.

As far as saving, sessions are saved as .sp2 files, which can be saved/loaded from anywhere on your computer, shared with others, etc. Sets are saved within session files; there is no way to save an individual set without it being inside of a session. But you can have a session with only one set if you’d like.

Is there something specific you’re trying to achieve by saving an individual set that you can’t do by saving it in a session?