Repair Samples becoming necessary on every load of my custom set

Most the samples on my custom set are stored on an external connected drive.

Recently I have had to Repair Samples every time I open the program to my set or Load it. There is one sample still on the local harddrive from a Sunhouse Soundpack. I still have to repair it too.
I have no explanation for this other than the custom set becoming more complex with MIDI cymbal modules, and some other audio/midi inputs being implemented.

The program is also shutting itself down at times when integrating with outside software, which I attribute to inadequate RAM perhaps, as I am running 12 Gigs instead of 16, though I never see a processor overload on the percentage monitor gauge.

I am primarily integrating MIDI from an ALESIS COMMAND X drum module for cymbals, sometimes TIDAL music streamer using the Evans audio driver, and recently started implementing DUBLER 2 midi inputs controlled by a microphone input on the Evans box.
I have previously added inputs for audio from my DJ software and integrated drum hits into the DJ controller itself using midi output from Sensory Percussion (though I have not explored much further lately into the DJ controller realm).