Reset velocity curves?

When adjusting the velocity curves, I set the “midpoint” on top of one of the endpoints, causing the midpoint to be unelectable. Is there any way to reset the velocity curves to the default values?

Hey there,

It seems you’ve discovered a bit of a bug with velocity i/o curves! We’ll be sure to report this to our development team, but we are also working on an update that will make them actual curves instead of straight lines, and this will likely address a lot of these issues.

There is no “reset” button for velocity curves, so if the curve you’re referring to is inside of a sensor hardware input, the solution would be to delete the input and create a new one. This means that you will have to retrain that input, unfortunately.

Velocity i/o curves also exist as a panel inside of every module. If the curve you’re referring to is inside of a module, then you can simply select all of its submodules, cut/copy them, and then paste them inside of a new module (these can be found in the library panel on the left). You can then delete the original module.

Thanks for finding and reporting this issue and let me know if you have any other questions!