Retrigger cuts off reverb tail


I have built a sound where a modulator increases the decay of the reverb I put after the sampler module, depending on the velocity. This means, when I hit hard the reverb tail is super long, and for soft hits it’s barely audible.

However, when I hit really hard and hear a long reverb tail, as soon as I do a soft hit afterwards, this reverb tail is cut off. Is there any way to preserve this reverb tail, or rather have the modulator, that’s modulating the decay time, not affect any sound that was not already generated? Hope my question is clear!

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Hi @aro,

That’s an interesting idea! I have two example sets that may be of help to you. But I am away from my setup right now, and so I have not been able to test them, so they might be somewhat off since I’m flying blind right now.

Download and explore it here:

aro_reverb-decay-tail_brainstorm.sp2 (15.2 KB)

The first set is to rely more on a reverb audiobus send, than the decay time parameter:

It’s not exactly as you described – and be sure to either test this with a Snare 1 hardware input, or change the input source of the decay time assignment to whichever source/s you are using – but it might get close to the effect you are looking for.

Idea 2 is more close to the scheme you described, as it is using a sequencer to mimic reverb voices:

Each “voice” has a velocity modulator mapped to decay time. And so once it’s been triggered the reverb tail will ring out, and the next “voice” will be loaded up ready to be triggered on the next hit.

In both of these examples you can delete the “hand clap - power” samplers and add different ones. Or you can just drag and drop a different sample right over the waveform.



Thanks for the fast reply and the suggestions! I will probably not be back at our studio before the weekend, but I’ll try asap.