RME Fireface UCX

Hi folks,

My Fireface UCX Interface has 2 - XLR Inputs and 6 - 1/4" inputs. Would you recommend going all XLR to 1/4"? In this case would you recommend something like the Neutrix NC*MX cables going out 1/4" TRS?

Xo, Amy

Hi Amy,

The Sensory Percussion sensors need phantom power to operate, so they each need a phantom-powered mic pre. Only XLR carries phantom power, so you can’t use a cable that is XLR to 1/4". Only XLR-to-XLR will work. If you’re set on using those line ins, you could try getting an external phantom power box that goes in between.

Hope that helps!


Probably best to just use a dedicated interface for the triggers then…are people happy with the Focusrite Claret in terms of latency?

We’re very happy with the Focusrite interfaces. We have several of the Scarlett line interfaces here in the studio. The 18i8 is great but doesn’t offer that many outs. But it has good latency response, solid performance, and a good price. I’m sure the Claret line is great as well.

I’ve got a UCX as well and have thought about looking at a dedicated phantom powered unit/preamp to then run into channels 3/4, but haven’t looked into it deeply enough to make any suggestions.

Sorry for the late reply! I ended up with a Focusrite Clarett 4-Pre dedicated as my Sunhouse interface (on the IN side of things) and I’m loving it! I use the Fireface UCX for all audio out and other devices’ audio in. The good thing about the Clarett is that it’s Thunderbolt and does not take up my USB INs. I always plug my audio interface DIRECTLY into the Mac so, I can still have both interfaces direct and am using an Elektron OverHub powered USB interface since it’s T2 for Quneo, PUSH, Mandala, ect.

xoxo, AK
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