Sampler- "can’t find file"

Hey there, so lately I’ve been dragging samples (consolidated audio files) from ableton to sensory’s pads/sampler. Initially it works fine until I close SP and re-open it, the sampler reads “can’t find file”. Sometimes it works, but most of the time not… using 1.4.2 version on MacBook. I must be missing something…! Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Justin,

SP is referencing those files from that exact location on your hard-drive, so if you’ve moved those files somewhere else or deleted them, then SP won’t be able to find them.

But, if you’ve had to move those samples somewhere then you can right click on the kit at the top of the screen and select “relink samples” and then navigate to the new folder.


I was thinking about this further and discussed it with @Tlacael_Esparza , and we think it might be a bug in SP related to the square brackets in the filename that Ableton Live 10 automatically includes when you use their “consolidate” feature. We noticed this when Live 10 came out, but we thought we fixed it (and it appears to be fixed on our setups).

We’ll look into this further. What OS are you running?

No it’s all good! You’re on it with the previous response. Pretty sure I’m just bad with computers haha. Thanks as always Steve :slight_smile:

I’ve recently dropped in some samples that I made by Exporting Audio from Ableton 10. After a restart Sensory “can’t find file” and I right clicked on the Kit and navigated to the the right folder and it seemed like I could not select the right thing but it found it anyway which is cool, but I guess that I’m saying for development purposes it was a bit confusing. Also, just wondering how best to avoid this from happening in the future?

Lovin it! Amy

Hey Amy!

SP shouldn’t lose track of the file unless the file’s location was changed at some point. You can right-click on the kit at the top and select “relink samples” if you’ve moved samples around. But it’s possible that you’ve found some kind of file path bug though! Can you let me know what the file name is and I can explore it?

Feel free to reach out directly at