Scale Ideas - Drag and drop modules into these to control melody

scale ideas.sp2 (7.3 KB)

Download the .sp2 above for some quick scale templates to drag and drop tonal samplers/modules into to control melody.

Below are some screenshots and descriptions of the scale building blocks, with fun parameters highlighted.

All of these templates use the new Pitch & Scale panel. Further, they work with a modulator (in the screenshot above it’s a timbre: center-to-edge modulator) assigned to the Note Control parameter.

By default these are set to the Harmonic Minor scale, and have a two octave (24 step) range.

The speed scale controllers are set to engage at around 80 BPM (outlined in green). I actually prefer them to be set much higher, so that they begins pitching only on buzz rolls, and I also typically like smooth to be on.

For the speed scale controllers, I also assigned the modulator to the voice cntrl param, so that the tails will glide when the pitching is engaged - I think this is a nice “after-touch-esq” effect.

In the envelope scale controllers, the voice control param is set to slide by default. Attack and decay (and hold + release) are fun parameters to experiment with, and it’s also fun to see how it sounds with velocity mode turned on vs off.

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Thanks! These are super useful!

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