Search samples within SP2 rather than browsing folders

Desired: type a string e.g. “acedia” into a search bar and see all matching sound files from the folders bookmarked by the user, core sounds, and sound packs

Current: browse through folders and pray for the heavens to grant me more patience

I’m trying to do a common thing – add a sound from the sample library to a hit controller. I need to find the Acedia C3 note.

If there is a way to search for this within Sensory Percussion 2 I’m unable to locate it. A lovely little spyglass would fit perfectly in the bar that says “Sound Library,” but it isn’t there.

I tried digging through the folder structure, which is not as painful as getting my teeth drilled, but makes me contemplate it. The folders are named things like Various, Wheezing Drums, and Nadir which have no connection to the set names. Y’all are making us remember a whole layer of thing that’s totally unnecessary and slow.

I then tried using the Finder window to search through my hard drive to see where it might live, but came up with nothing even when I enabled hidden system files to show up in results.

I don’t even have a work around. Am I missing something?

Hi @crisbeasley,

Yes, Library Search is 100% on the todo list, and we understand how important of a feature that is.

The best work around right now that I can think of would be to locate a set that it’s used in and drill down to the sampler level and drag it in. This is particularly helpful for samples like the Acedia C3 note you reference because there is a set called “Acedia” in the Electro Melodic pack:

But for other examples this might not be as helpful.

You can, of course, copy/paste samples (or any module) from one set to another. So if you have a set with the sample you want already in your session, you can copy/paste it into another set – no library navigation needed.

But as I mentioned above: Library search is on our radar and will be included in a future update.

Hi @crisbeasley,

I just thought of a faster (and much more useful) workaround, and so I figured I’d update here.

You can right click on any folder in the sample library, select “reveal in finder” and then do a Finder search. You have to select “samples” not “This Mac” because the samples live inside the App itself, and are therefore excluded from regular old Finder searches.

Here’s a video showing what I mean:

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Thanks for the speedy reply! That got me unblocked. I can’t believe they don’t appear in searches even if you include hidden and system files.