Sending MIDI notes with SP plugin

I don’t understand how to send midi notes from SP plugin to any virtual instrument inside ableton: I mean the plugin assign a default midi note for every pad (just like the stand alone SP software) but when I hit any pad using the plugin no midi information are apparently generated. Is that true?


Thanks for the question. It reminded me that the manual article was missing that information.

You can select the input of a MIDI channel to be “SP Plugin” and then “SensoryPercussionPlugin” as the channel input. Then you should be good to go.

We updated the manual article to include that info with a short gif, as well, here. (At the bottom of the article).

Let me know if you have any other questions about setting that up.


Yes, it works,

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in the same way, how can I do to use a controller (speed, velocity …) to control an autofilter or a beat repeat … ?
thank you for your feedback

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Hi maxime,
I think it’s the same process: once you have routed the MIDI signal the way stevenz has described, all the MIDI outputs coming from the SP plug in will be effective on the other midi channels.

Hi Massimo,
nope, I mean mapping the controller to the frequency :frowning:

Yes: if midi is working just command+m to midi map into ableton, click on the frequency knob, then click on the sp plugin’s cc controller moving the knob a little bit and that’s it.

Doesn’t work for me… work fine if you learn an external midi controller but not with SS controller :frowning:

Maxime, You have to route MIDI from the Sensory Percussion plugin to a virtual MIDI bus first (I’m using IAC on a mac) and then you can use the typical midi mapping approach.

There might be another way but this has been working great for me. I just leave the empty midi track on my template that routes SP MIDI to the IAC bus just for internal mapping like this.


Hey mason, thank you very much for answering me, it works great, it’s been a while since I try to find the solution and reading you I said to myself “of course”. I also want to congratulate you greatly for all the tutorials you do. Sincerely

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