Sending or Receiving MIDI Clock Info?

Does SP2 have the capability to send or receive MIDI Clock information?

I would love to be able to have tempo mapped effects within SP2 but I’m not sure exactly how to accomplish this.

Additionally, there are cases where I am not using Ableton but jamming with other synths and players and I’d love to be able to send a Global Midi Clock directly out of SP2 in order to have things like my bandmate’s looper or on board effects locked in to my tempo.

Is there a way to do one or both of these tasks without a third party solution?

Anyone have any insights on this?

Hi @drewbysnacks

Just catching up after a bit of a break. HNY!

There’s currently no way to do this. A big obstacle is that SP has no concept of a global tempo or clock. It’s not really a DAW in that way – you set the tempo with your playing. Not that these features couldn’t be built in down the line.

If you really need to send MIDI clock out of SP, I think your only way would be to use a Metro controller and put a MIDI Router in it. This will send out a constant beat as notes, but then you’d need to use some other 3rd-party software to convert that to MIDI clock. MaxMSP? I’m not really sure what would do the trick.

Happy New Year!! This is what I thought the answer was, but wasn’t sure if I was missing something. I assume that also means there is no way to send a MIDI clock in either? I can absolutely make a similar outcome through MAX or Loopback. I figured out a workaround by sending the audio without delays or reverbs into Ableton, and then using temp synced effects on the audio inside Ableton. That eliminates the need to send MIDI clock in or out of SP, although this would be really neat as an option in the future as it would allow me to utilize SP effects AND have them tempo synced.