Sensory and studio one

Anybody get sensory to work with Studio One?

Total noob here, any help?

Hi @builttorock, welcome to the forum! What are you trying to do with Studio One? Are you trying to send midi over there, or use the Audio Streamer plugin for recording?

Hi Guys,

Thanks to the Sensory guys, i could figure out how to use SP with Studio One.
Here is how it works ; i was a total noob, and still is. It might help someone as myself.

  1. Find the audio streamer after extracting it ; for me it was a bit weird, it created a steinberg file : programme/steinberg/vstplugins
  2. Go to studio one, options, and add this link to the vstplugins place (moving the .dll didn’t work, i had to add the link)
  3. Open a studio one song, and add an instrument track, where you’ll find the Sensory plugin.
  4. Open an audio track, a stereo one. The input will be : instrument=>sp.

That’s it.

Have a good one, the fun is here.

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Hello, @janusterrasson
I use Studio One as well (the free version) and I have also encountered troubles with figuring out how to record using this DAW. I just have a few questions regarding this topic.

  1. Are you also using the free version of the program?
  2. Where exactly can you see vst plugins within Studio One?
  3. And lastly, could you explain what a .dll is and also what the link was for and how you created it (sorry I’m not very tech savvy)

If you or anyone else could help, then that would be greatly appreciated!