Sensory is detected but i dont have voice

I have 3 sensory percussion with uphoria behringer audio interface, i installed the software and i did all the steps to play with them, but i don’t have voices!
I play on acoustic drums!
I can see in software to detect my drumming and its seems working, but i dont have voice!
My headphone is working well and the test of voice is working well!
What can i do?
Thanks alot

Hi roozbeh_shahroozi,

Have you loaded a preset yet? Here’s the page of the online manual where it shows how to drag in kits, drums, or samples: Playing Sensory Percussion! | Sensory Percussion Help

If this doesn’t help with your issue feel free to start a chat with us on our website.

Or write an email to


Hi dear Sunhouse
I want to buy just a two packs of “Pickup elements”
Can I order them in sweetwater web site?
And if is yes, what i must to type to find it in that website, cause i did not find it!
Thanks alot

Hi @roozbeh_shahroozi Sweetwater does not carry the pickup element. But you can grab them on the sunhouse website here: Sunhouse | Store

If you have any questions about ordering or shipping, please send an email to or start a chat on the website.