Sensory V2 software download site is not working

Hello! Unfortunately I encountered problems when trying to download the software from the download site:

The error is that a message appears on the page: “Select your operating system to download Sensory Percussion.” while there are no options to choose from and nothing to enable downloading.

I tried Safari and Chrome browsers, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows… all with the same problem.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem and perhaps knows a solution?

Pretty sure you need to be logged-in.

Here’s what I did:
Registered using the code found inside the lid of the box (nice box, btw!),
Then I received the email titled, “Verify your email”, which then asked me to log-in.
The next page offered up the downloads for Windows and Mac (the URL was longer and included my code and email as parameters).

It was all a logical/easy progression, in my case.

There was an issue with api server, now the download page works properly :slight_smile: