Setting up chord progression

I am trying to set up a chord progression with 3 chords, I use Euclidean Rhythm as basis.
My first attempt was to program each chord in its own kit and than us a multipad as switcher, this works. But the time to load the samples of the new kit is a problem, I miss a few beats when the samplers are mute because of the loading.

Is there another way to achieve this?

Hi @Astrosoniq,

There are several ways to achieve chord chains or progressions. The simplest way is to import each chord as an individual sample. Then drag them all onto the same sampler and set the sample playback to “Cycle”. Then each time you hit that pad, it will play the next chord on a round-robin loop. You’ll probably also want to turn on “Retrig” so that each chord starts cleanly.

Euclidian Rhythm has a lot going on. Each drum has many stacked samplers each with a cycle of samples that make complex chords that twist and morph as you play the drums. It’s a really cool technique that Steven came up with, but definitely tricky to put together.

Let me know if this helps!

I figured out a solution, I thought I share it here.

The samples in Euclidian Rhythm are very long, but only short parts are used, by means of the Start/Length/Attack/Hold knobs. I resampled these to make short version, now the load time is barely noticable. Now I can jump to different kits at the fly.